What spices have health benefits?

Adding delicious spices to your dishes is a great way to get health benefits in an easy and tasty way. Turmeric for example is a spice that has been used in Chinese and Indian systems of medicine for centuries to treat a wide variety of conditions. Turmeric helps fight inflammatory disease, aids against cystic fibrosis, and inhibits cancer cell growth and metastasis. It also helps lower cholesterol and improves liver function. You can use turmeric in your dishes by adding it to egg salad for color, or lentils and cauliflower dishes. Cinnamon is also a great spice to add to your rack. Cinnamon is the oldest known spice and it has anti-clotting actions, anti-microbial activity. It also helps keep blood sugar in control and boosts brain function. You can try adding cinnamon to your milk with honey for a sweet beverage. For a more hearty meal try adding cinnamon to sautéed vegetables and eggplant with raisins for a Middle Eastern inspired meal.

Anise is an amazing spice not often utilized in American cuisine. Anise is used in liquor by many cultures because of its licorice-like flavor. Anise helps ease menstrual cramps, is an aphrodisiac, and can help relieve toothaches. Anise tea aids digestion and anise oil can help get rid of lice. Try anise by making a tea out of it. You can also try using anise toothpaste.

Cumin is a spice also used since ancient times and is native to East Mediterranean and India. Cumin is a good source of iron, aids digestion, has cancer preventative properties, and can also help reduce flatulence. Try adding cumin to Mexican rice, black beans, pinto beans, or in sauces or salsas.