Tis the season to cleanse!

Cleansing the body and starting new again

This is the time of the year we open our windows, take our rugs outside to air out, and donate no longer needed goods to our local thrift store.  This is also the perfect time of the year to do some internal cleaning as well. Have you been thinking about doing a cleanse but feel unsure of which are safe and effective, or whether a cleanse is even necessary?

If you are feeling tired, experiencing headaches, having trouble thinking clearly, having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, experiencing more bodily pain than usual, or having gastrointestinal issues, you can benefit from a cleanse. Learn from our experts at Benevida Health + Wellness how to jumpstart your metabolism and reset your body to function more optimally.

What is a cleanse and why do one?

A cleanse is a diet change or protocol that helps you eliminate toxins from your body by allowing your liver, kidneys, small intestine, and large intestine to work more optimally and get rid of waste naturally. Our bodies are designed to rid us of toxins and wastes every day to keep us healthy and functioning well. Unfortunately our bodies can get burdened and weighted down by the toxins we encounter frequently from our foods, environment, and even our life stressors. A cleanse is a like a reset button that lets us start fresh. Think of it like getting a whole body tune-up. We all can benefit from eliminating waste better and gaining more mental clarity and energy.

How are foods part of a cleanse?

Likely for many of us, choosing healthy foods can be a struggle. Many foods we consume are pro-inflammatory and are not good choices as fuel for our bodies. On the other hand, there are foods that are naturally cleansing and detoxifying. Instead of reaching for the muffin and large vanilla latte for breakfast, it is as simple as substituting fresh fruit and green tea.

A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, either raw, lightly steamed, or roasted, allows our gastrointestinal system a break from refined and processed foods and provides plenty of fiber to help eliminate toxins stored in our tissues. Smoothies and juices can also be incorporated when they are mostly comprised of organic fresh produce. These healthy foods help our body heal from the pro-inflammatory foods we have been consuming.

How often should I do a cleanse?

In general, a cleanse one to four times a year is recommended. However, depending on your lifestyle, diet, and current health status, a cleanse might be needed more or less often. The length of a cleanse can also vary, and again this depends on what your body needs; however, they typically range between three and 30 days.

What is best for me? What are your recommendations?

An individual plan is always best. With the help of one of our professionals here at Benevida, we can tailor a cleanse that targets your specific health goals.

Dr. Emily Lain, DC recommends Standard Process’s 21 Day Purification Program which includes four all-natural products and a dietary and educational packet with recipes and tips. She loves this program because she believes it helps with many neurological issues including blurred vision and tremors. It is also a great program if you are showing signs of toxic overload including increased body pain and anxiety. If you are thinking about getting pregnant or experiencing fertility issues, this 21 Day program can help reset your body to allow for fertilization.

Autumn Barker, L.AC., M.O.A.M, our acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, recommends cupping for detoxification. Cupping is a great way to release toxins from the muscles and can penetrate four inches deep into the muscles to release deep-seeded toxins from past illness or poor dietary choices. Autumn finds this technique very beneficially for people needing pain management because cupping pulls toxins from the fascia and breaks up congestion that holds toxins and causes stagnation and pain.

Dr. Lauren Sanchez, ND recommends giving coffee the boot for a bit. Although coffee has many health benefits, caffeine can become taxing on the liver, making its job of processing very difficult. She recommends switching to herbal teas like vanilla rooibos, or medicinal teas like burdock or tulsi to allow your body optimal healing. She also recommends that you allow yourself to emotionally cleanse. Her tip is to go outside and take a trip to a park with a running creek. Grab three rocks on your hike and at the end of your hike sit on a large rock right by the creek. Grab each rock individually and put your worry into the rock. For example, while holding the rock think “my anger” or “my financial worry” and, facing upstream, toss the rock behind you into the water, letting your worry go. Do this for each rock, sending your worry behind you and giving it away. Take a deep breath and set an intention for yourself such as “to be loving, accepting and easy-going”. Then hike away without looking back to the water you tossed your worry into.

Here at Benevida Health+Wellness we love getting people on the right track to health. Interested in a personalized cleansing program? Give us a call!

In Health,  

Dr. Lauren Sanchez, ND and the Benevida Health and Wellness Team